01. GreenH2CY project

Decarbonizing the transport sector of Cyprus

The GreenH2CY project will produce hydrogen from renewable energy for the transport sector, to refuel trucks and replace diesel vehicles.

The project will include a refueling station and hydrogen storage facilities, which will allow the electrolyser that produces the hydrogen to be used flexibly and to be run during off-peak hours in the electricity market. The relative GHG emissions avoidance from the operation of the project over a ten year period will be 100% compared to the reference scenario.

The GreenH2CY project is funded by the European Union Emissions Trading System-Innovation Fund.

02. GreenH2CY Goal

Hydrogen fuel

The hydrogen production plant is expected to produce 150 tonnes of hydrogen fuel per year.

Substitute product: That is equivalent to 627 tonnes of diesel fuel per year.

The substitution of diesel fuel in the road transport results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 21,676 tons for first ten years of operation.

03. Project Details

GreenH2CY project

First green hydrogen pilot project with innovative energy supply concept

In view of achieving the important goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions process and moving away from the use of fossil fuels, one of the main contributors, the mobility and transport sector, requires mid to long-term decarbonization.

04. GreenH2CY News & Events

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GREENH2CY – Green Hydrogen Project for Transport in Cyprus