Dr. Andreas Sousanis

Sustainability & Green Management, CIIM, UoL

    Personal Biography
    Andreas Sousanis is a scientific expert specializing in nanotechnology sciences, with a particular focus on the development and implementation of low-consumption energy devices and applications. With a strong background in research and a passion for innovation, Andreas has made significant contributions to the field of hydrogen sensing devices.
    With a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Ghent University, Andreas has a deep understanding of experimental methodologies and laboratory techniques. His research has primarily focused on advancing the design and fabrication of thin film and nanostructured materials for optical hydrogen sensors among others, driving progress in this important area of sustainable energy technologies.
    Andreas has published several articles, including works on thin film and nanostructured Pd-based materials for optical hydrogen sensors. Finally, Andreas’s multidisciplinary educational background (BSc and MSc in Materials Science, Ph.D. in Physics, MSc in Educational Leadership, MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship) equips him with a broad perspective and a solid foundation in various fields, enabling him to contribute effectively to research, education, and management endeavors.