01. Coordinator


Makis Ketonis



The company was established on 24/3/2010, with the purpose of representing the sole shareholder Mr Makis Ketonis in various SPVs. KHL maintains operations in the field of energy and particularly renewable energy. As such, KHL maintains a large shareholding in a number of operational companies a) Wincono Cyprus Ltd a project management and technical support company, b) Ketonis Developments Ltd operating Alexigros wind farm 31.5 MW, c) Kel.Sorokos Wind Farm currently implementing Kelia wind farm 16.5 MW. In addition, KHL sponsors and supports fully the development of a) Ponderosa Solar Park Ltd a 2.1 MW PV project under development, b) MCK Future Fuels Ltd developing the GreenH2CY project; and c) the Ketonis Arts and Cultural Centre – a social and educational project. In a recent development, Ketonis Developments Ltd has obtained land rights on government land bordering the demilitarised zone in Cyprus and has applied for the development of one of the largest PV production projects on the island of some 70 MW. KHL is beneficiary in the GreenH2CY project.

02. Beneficiaries


Makis Ketonis



The MCK Future Fuels Ltd (FFL) was established on 11/07/2020. It is a start-up company with main objective to promote green hydrogen production and distribution in Cyprus. The start-up is controlled by Ketonis Holdings Ltd (KHL-BEN), which has the financial and technical capability to implement the project. Future Fuels Ltd is the GreenH2CY coordinator since its vision is to promote alternative fuels in Cyprus.
The FFL people have been involved in a pioneering way in the promotion and implementation of renewable energy sources (RES) and sustainable development in Cyprus for the past 25 years and is considered appropriate to implement the project.

03. Associated partner


Michael Michael



The company was established on 22/11/1979. The main activity of the company is the production, distribution and sale of fresh bakery and confectionery products. Over time, the company has grown and dominated the bakery and confectionary market, whilst diversifying its activities and forming an impressive group of companies involved and covering a great number of commercial and investment activities. Through a well-planned and calculated network of business, the Group A. ZORPAS KAI YIOI Ltd (AZY) has optimised and perfected its operations in the manufacturing and distribution of its products in the confectionary and catering business, while expanding activities by opening outlets in NY-USA and elsewhere. Within its optimisation of its activities the Zorbas Group maintains a large fleet of supplying vehicles (heavy-good vehicles (HGVs)), numbering over 70, whilst also maintaining several bus/coaches to transport its employees numbering 2,500 people, to and from its central manufacturing facility located in the vicinity of GreenH2CY project in the Larnaca area. A. ZORPAS KAI YIOI Ltd in their quest of diversification – being forward thinking and active company – has a realisation of number of PV projects as well as founding Evergy Ltd – a green electricity supply company. A. ZORPAS KAI YIOI Ltd has shown lately a keen interest to green hydrogen technology to use in its trucks and buses. As such they have signed letter of intent to participate as end user in the GreenH2CY pilot project of Future Fuels Ltd.

04. Associated partner


Fanos Karantonis



Evergy Ltd (EVR) was established on 11/06/2018. Its top management has a substantial experience in the field of energy and in particular green electricity supply. As such, the company is a leader in electricity supply in the private sector in Cyprus, where the market has been recently (within 2021) deregulated (through a transitional period), and one out of the twenty-two (22) private companies which acquired electricity supply licenses, and thus it provides electricity to a substantial number of customers, while its market share is expected to substantially grow with the complete unbundling of the electricity market in Cyprus (early 2023). Evergy’s operations began on March 1st, 2021. Evergy’s mission is to supply clean electricity safely and reliably, contributing to the sustainable development and decarbonization of the country’s energy system. Evergy Ltd is controlled by ZORPAS Group. Evergy Ltd is committed to entering a PPA agreement to provide certified green energy to GreenH2CY project.