Dr. Nestor Fylaktos

The Cyprus Institute

    Personal Biography

    Dr. Nestor Fylaktos is a Research Scientist at the Cyprus Institute. He holds a PhD from Imperial College London on mathematical modelling of socio-economic impacts of renewable energy in isolated communities. He has worked on Technoeconomics of novel renewable energy systems, on energy strategies and modelling, on technological roadmaps of clean energy carriers (including hydrogen) and on environmental implications of hydrocarbons exploration. He has also worked extensively with energy stakeholders in Cyprus (civil society, government, industry and academia) to bring forward solutions and policies that will accelerate the energy transition and eliminate emissions from everyday activities.

    His research interests extend to the decarbonisation of the economy, the technical and economic aspects of new energy systems, behavioural shifts in energy use, clean mobility and transportation, as well as energy futures and modelling of the Mediterranean and EU regions.